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Peace with Justice Advocates Mission Group

Mission Statement

The Peace with Justice Advocates Mission Group of the New Hampshire Conference United Church of Christ is committed to growing into the peace of Christ by:

  • Being inwardly contemplative so as to allow God to disarm our hearts and transform us into people of peace and nonviolence.

  • Being outwardly active in publicly witnessing/evangelizing/teaching peace, love, and nonviolence in our churches and in the greater society.

  • Being community with and acting in solidarity with other individuals and groups rooted in peace and nonviolence.

We embrace the nonviolent tradition as our foundation, not because this path makes us one with all Christians but because it is our way of making us one with Christ.

 We embrace the path of nonviolence accepting its strengths and limitations, knowing that whether our journey brings success or failure it renders us faithful witnesses of God's intention for all humankind and all creation.

We embrace this work of seeking to define and promote the nonviolent path because there are those in our time who seek to promote and propagate the myth of redemptive violence as the basis of national policy, as an acceptable starting point of human relationships, and as a pillar of their gospel.

We invite others to walk with us on this journey because we meet God on this path embracing us in all our trials and rejoicing and giving us "courage in the struggle for justice and peace."

Focus Issues

We commit to nonviolence and collaborative peacemaking...

Therefore, we challenge militarism and organized violence.

Peacemaking Resources

We commit to solidarity and human rights...

Therefore, we challenge unfettered US support for Israel.

Solidarity and Human Rights Resources

We commit to collective liberation and mutual respect...

Therefore, we challenge Islamophobia, religious, racial, and ethnic bigotry.

Collective Liberation and Mutual Respect Resources

We commit to the beloved community of God as a commonwealth of abundance...

Therefore, we challenge structural economic justice.

Resources on Beloved Community

Peace with Justice Resources

UCC Just Peace discernment handbook

UCC Just Peace Church

A Resolution of Christian Witness in Support of New Hampshire Conference United Church of Christ Congregations - Back from the Brink Initiative

(Adopted by the gathered body at Annual Meeting, October 19, 2019)

Upcoming Events

There are currently no upcoming events. 

Parent Ministry

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