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Members in Discernment

Resources for Member-in-Discernment (MID) Advisors

Covenant of Shared Accountability

Preparation and Formation Plan Template

Journaling the Journey

Member-in-Discernment Advisor Best Practices

Annual Marks Reflection/ Portfolio Guidelines

Psychological Assessment Best Practices

Resources for Theological Education

Guidelines for Process Conclusion

Sample Ordination Interview

MID Renewal Schedule 2022

Link to Manual on Ministry @2018

 NH Marks for MIDS (Draft)

Member-in-Discernment Scholarship Fund

The Member-in-Discernment (MID) Scholarship Fund is available to provide financial assistance to persons who are preparing for ordained ministry in and on behalf of the United Church of Christ.

Recipients are required to be Members-in-Discernment with an Association of the New Hampshire Conference, United Church of Christ.

Scholarship Funds may be used for educational, assessment and/or professional development programs.

Download the complete guidelines and application for the Seminarian Scholarship Fund.

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