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Our Beliefs

We are a vibrant and inclusive community of churches and individuals who embrace the teachings of Jesus Christ. With a commitment to love, community, and faith, we strive to create an environment where everyone is valued and supported. Through our ministries and programs, we seek to transform lives, promote social justice, and nurture spiritual growth. Join us on this journey of love, justice, and compassion as we work together to build a better world for all.

  • Worship, work, and pray with the congregations of our Conference and with mission partners in our denomination and throughout the world, so that together we practice the love of Jesus Christ.

  • A world that seeks compassion, justice, and peace for all people through the love of Jesus Christ, a faith that celebrates the Holy Spirit as the source of joy, growth, and healing, and a church that offers to all a dwelling place with God and for God.

  • The New Hampshire Conference of the United Church of Christ, by act of the gathered Conference, has declared and committed itself to be an Open and Affirming Conference and a Racial Justice Conference. We seek belonging, valuing, and justice for persons of all sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions, races, ethnicities, nationalities, abilities, and economic classes, in the life and ministries of the church.

The New Hampshire Conference of the United Church of Christ (NHCUCC) is a dynamic community of churches across the state. Rooted in the teachings of Jesus, we celebrate diversity and welcome all individuals. Through worship, education, and social justice initiatives, we empower our members to make a positive impact in their communities. Whether you are a lifelong member of the UCC or exploring your spiritual journey for the first time, we invite you to explore our website, learn more about our churches, and engage with our community. Together, we can build a world where love, justice, and compassion prevail.

Our Structure

The United Church of Christ (UCC) is organized in a way that reflects both unity and diversity within its structure. Here's a simplified overview:

  1. Local Churches: These are the heart of the UCC. Each local church governs its own affairs while being connected to the wider UCC community. They make decisions on worship, programs, and outreach activities.

  2. Associations: Local churches come together in geographical regions called associations. Associations provide support, guidance, and resources to member churches. They facilitate communication and collaboration among churches within the same area. In the NHCUCC we have seven associations called: Carroll-Strafford, Grafton-Orange-Sullivan, Hillsborough, Merrimack, North Country, Rockingham, and Southwest.

  3. Conferences: Associations are grouped into larger regions called conferences. Conferences provide additional support and resources to associations and local churches. They organize events, training programs, and mission initiatives that benefit multiple churches within their boundaries.

  4. National Setting: At the national level, the United Church of Christ is represented by the national setting, which includes the General Synod, national staff, and various offices. The General Synod is the highest governing body and meets biennially to make decisions on behalf of the entire denomination. The national staff supports the work of local churches, associations, and conferences by providing resources, leadership, and coordination of national initiatives.

In summary, the UCC structure is designed to promote autonomy and collaboration at every level, from local congregations to the national setting. This interconnected structure enables churches to support each other in their mission to embody God's love and justice in the world.

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