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Commitment to Solidarity and Human Rights

Solidarity and Human Rights

We commit to solidarity and human rights..

Therefore, we challenge unfettered US support for Israel.

UCC Resolution Proposed for General Synod 33 in 2021

Declaration for a Just Peace Between Palestine and Israel

The resolution articulates the principles that must be in place and honored in any future just and peaceful relationship between Israel and Palestine.

Link Broken, therefore removed.

Recommended Web Resources

Jewish Voice for Peace:

If Not Now:

Breaking the Silence:

Palestine Portal:

Combatants for Peace:

Friends of Sabeel, N. America:

Churches for Middle East Peace:

If Americans Knew:

DC Museum of Palestine People:

Palestine Museum, Woodbridge, CT:

Arab Center, DC:

Foundation for Middle East Peace:

No Way to Treat a Child Campaign HR 2407

Human Rights Watch:


Miko Peled. The General's Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine

Ilan Pappe. The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

Edward W. Said. The Question of Palestine

Noura Erakat. Justice for Some

Elias Chacour. Blood Brothers

Betty Jane Bailey & J. Martin Bailey. Who are the Christians in the Middle East?

Walter Brueggemann. Chosen?

Mitri Raheb. Faith in the Face of Empire The Bible Through Palestinian Eyes

Jean Zaru. Occupied with Nonviolence A Palestinian Woman Speaks

Naim Ateek. A Palestinian Christian Cry for Reconciliation

Susan Abulhawa. The Blue Between Sky and Water

Sandy Tolan. The Lemon Tree


"How are the Children Now?" UCC

"Occupation 101"       YouTube, better quality film available to purchase. Janet S. owns a copy.

"Two Blue Lines"         Filmmaker Tom Hayes, 2015

"Jews Step Forward"    2016, Available on YouTube

"Salt of this Sea"         Distributed by Lorber Films, Available on YouTube

"Jenin Jenin"                2018, Available on YouTube

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