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Retired Clergy

Ministerial Relief Fund (MRF) Overview:

The Ministerial Relief Fund, initially established as the Widows' Charitable Fund in 1815 by the New Hampshire Legislature to raise monies for the necessitous clergymen and their widows. The fund continues to provide financial support for various purposes for ministers of the Gospel and their families.

Prudential Committee:

The Prudential Committee, responsible for managing the Ministerial Relief Fund, is comprised of annually selected members. The committee operates under policy guidelines approved by the NHCUCC Board of Directors and convenes quarterly at the Conference Office.

Location: 140 Sheep Davis Road, Pembroke, NH. 03275-3711

Prudential Committee Services:

The committee provides assistance in various forms, including Medicare Supplemental Insurance, monetary grants, and the Retired Clergy Luncheon.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance:

The Prudential Committee aids in paying premiums for Medicare Supplemental Insurance under specific criteria, including age eligibility, years of service within New Hampshire Conference Ministries, and active ministerial standing within the United Church of Christ.

Monetary Grants:

Monetary grants from the Ministerial Relief Fund are available to ministers and their eligible family members during emergency situations. Requests can also be shared with the Director of Ministerial Assistance at the Pension Boards of The United Church of Christ.

Retired Clergy Luncheon:

Hosted by the Prudential Committee and the Conference, this annual luncheon celebrates our retired clergy.

Retired Clergy Support Groups:

The Ministerial Relief Fund grants allow retired clergy to join one of the active Retired Clergy Support Groups at no cost. The groups are currently organized and led by the professional facilitators provided by Pastoral Counseling Services. Groups begin meeting in September and meetings recur monthly through June.

Qualification and Application:

To qualify for assistance, ministers with full standing in an Association of the New Hampshire Conference are eligible to apply. Applications are facilitated through the Conference offices by consulting with the Conference Minister or Associate Conference Minister.

Assistance Requests:

Requests for assistance can be made by anyone aware of a qualifying minister's need. Individuals can contact the NH Conference Office and speak with the Conference Minister to initiate the process.

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