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Commitment to Nonviolence- Peace With Justice

Collaborative Peacemaking

We commit to nonviolence and collaborative peacemaking...

Therefore, we challenge militarism and organized violence.

Recommended Web Resources

NHCUCC 2019 Resolution "Back from the Brink Initiative to end the threat of nuclear war"

Back from the Brink: The Call to Prevent Nuclear War:

Win Without War:

The People Over Pentagon Campaign:

UN Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT):

Poor People's Campaign: War Economy Plank

Opportunities to Redirect and Reduce Excessive Pentagon Spending:

Support the Start Treaty:

Interfaith Working Group on Drones

Military Escalation and Economic Sanctions Against Venezuela:

Prayers for Peace with Iran:

Nonviolent Citizen Action:

Nine of these on Nonviolence:

 Albert Einstein Institution:

Pacee Bene: Campaign Nonviolence:

Slash Pentagon Spending (Lee/Pocan Letter):

Oppose arms sales to Philippines:

Oppose Nuclear Testing:

Oppose Withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty:

The Day the Confederate Flag Flew in the United States Capitol:


Medea Benjamin. Drone Warfare


The Bomb, an American documentary film about the history of nuclear weapons, from theoretical scientific considerations at the very beginning, to their present global political implications.

Back from the Brink:

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