Disaster Response Mission Group

Our goal is to educate Churches in local disaster protocols and to help our churches and pastors impacted by disaster as they move through response, rescue and recovery towards a new normal. To learn more download the New Hampshire Conference United Church of Christ Disaster Protocol  (September 20150.

United Church of Christ 2021 Disaster Ministries Appeals

Severe Storm Appeal

More than 20 U.S. states from the South to the Northeast are reeling from the impact of Hurricane Ida and its sizeable remnants with catastrophic water and wind damage, including significant power outages. Learn more >>

A UCC Haiti Appeal seeks to raise $100,000 for immediate relief and longer-term recovery for thousands of Haitians reeling from the one-two punch of the deadly destructive 7.2 earthquake August 14 in western Haiti followed by Tropical Storm Grace.  Learn more >>

Covid Relief Appeal

Please also help the United Church of Christ respond to the growing COVID-19 crises facing many poorer countries and communities. UCC is seeking to raise $150,000 for its COVID Relief Appeal for food, hygiene kits, personal protective equipment and other aid to the most vulnerable to reduce the virus’s spread.  Learn more >>

UCC Disaster Ministries

Get involved in UCC Disaster Ministries! Contact Lesli Remaly (remalyl@ucc.org), UCC Minister for Disaster Response and Recovery, for more information.

Visit their webpage: https://www.ucc.org/what-we-do/wider-church-ministries/global-hope/disaster/