Immigrant and Refugee Support Group

Immigrant and Refugee Support Group

“I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” Matthew 25:35

Whom do we serve?

  • New Hampshire immigrants and refugees in crisis
  • New Hampshire residents who want to welcome and open doors for immigrants and refugees
  • Anyone seeking a better understanding of immigrant and refugee issues

Immigrant and refugee concerns

  • Legal issues
  • Lack of information about U.S. laws
  • Vulnerability to detention or deportation
  • Racial/ethnic profiling or discrimination
  • Accessing support during detention
  • Isolation from family and friends during detention
  • Separation trauma for parents and children
  • Accessing financial support to cover any requiredbond to achieve freedom from detention
  • Loss of family income following deportation
  • Anti-immigrant legislation

What we do?

  • Support immigrants and refugees in our community
  • Provide opportunities for immigrant stories
  • Educate congregations and others
  • Advocate for legislation supporting immigrants
  • Seek short-term and long-term host homes for asylum-seekers released from detention
  • Connect immigrants with legal assistance
  • Provide volunteer support services
  • Provide detention and post detention support and visitation
  • Raise funds to bond eligible immigrants out of detention

How can you help?

  • Welcome immigrants and refugees in your community
  • Learn from immigrant neighbors and correct misinformation about them
  • Advocate for immigrant-friendly legislation
  • Gain an understanding of the many causes of migration
  • Volunteer with an immigrant support group
  • Donate to the Immigrant & Refugee Support Group’s Immigrant Bond and Support Fund

Your tax-deductible gift of any size will make a difference!

Look for “Immigrant Bond and Support Fund”

You can also make checks payable to NHCUCC and write IRSG (Immigrant & Refugee Support Group) Immigrant Bond and Support in the memo line.

Welcome the Stranger

March 2020:The NHCUCC Immigrant and Refugee Support Group (IRSG) has recovered its first bail bond for a man from the Democratic Republic of Congo who spoke at the Conference Annual Meeting. He was awarded asylum and refugee status that includes a path to citizenship. He is getting his work authorization now that he has his driver’s license and a car. At his hearing, tears of joy welcomed the judge’s words, “Welcome to the United States of America.”  Proceedings can now start to reunite him with his family.