Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship Mission Group
New Hampshire Conference, United Church of Christ

And God saw everything that had been made, and behold, it was very good.
--Genesis 1:31a

What brings joy to your heart, peace to your spirit, a smile to your face? For many of us the unfolding of the seasons, the rising and setting of the sun, the intricacy and beauty of nature is a central aspect of our lives, what it means to be human, the place where our spirits are most fed. What would you be willing to do for the planet you love, for the beauty of the Earth, for the Creator who called it good?

Believing deeply that all creation is formed by a loving God, and that we are called to be wise and compassionate stewards of this good Earth, the Environmental Stewardship Mission Group of the NH Conference UCC is committed to joining in this holy work. Scripture reveals a God who comes to us in many ways, making a lasting covenant through nature and cross, rainbow and empty tomb. The God of scripture and human experience, revealed in the magnificent and the miniscule, vast cosmos and tender crocus, in a newborn child, the wisdom of age, is also the One who calls us to participate in loving, healing and restoring all creation.

Responding to that call, the Environmental Stewardship Mission Group seeks to engage others in deeper appreciation for the beauty, wonder and awe toward the natural world and to take up the call to care for the integrity of creation. We invite others to work with us to translate the love we feel for creation into tangible acts of celebration, education, preservation and restoration on behalf of Earth. This work takes the form of:

  • Educational events and programs, Conference-wide or in local churches
  • Trainings in energy efficiency and the greening of congregations
  • Celebrations and worship opportunities to enjoy nature
  • Increasing collaboration with other denominations
  • Resources connecting Earth care and personal faith
  • Support for policies and practices that promote sustainability

The Mission Group is welcoming of others who care about God's creation and whose faith leads them to act with compassion, creativity and courage to fulfill our calling as stewards and caretakers.

For further information about the Environmental Stewardship Mission Group, its work, resources or events, please contact Chair, Robin Walkup, or watch the NH Conference website for updates to our weekly e-newsletter, The Weekly News

Integrity of Creation Sermon Contest


The Environmental Stewardship Mission Group (ESMG) is excited to announce the return of the Integrity of Creation Sermon Contest. This year we have opened the field of contestants to include Clergy, Lay Persons (ages 18 and up), and Youth (ages 8-17).

Sermons should be given any time during the month of April to the beginning of May to correspond with Earth Day, on April 22nd. Participants should send a copy of the sermon either by e-mail or post to the ESMG. E-mails may be send to Robin Walkup at: adalimumab3@gmail.com. Written copies or CDs /DVDs can be mailed or dropped off at NHCUCC, 140 Sheep Davis Road, Pembroke, NH 03275, Attn: ESMG Contest. All entries must be received by April 30, 2019. Winners will be announced by June 15th. Contest winners in each of the three contestant categories will receive a prize.

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