CE Newsletter Archive

Newsletter Archive (note: all recent Newsletters are in PDF format with embedded links)

January (Lent/Easter)

October (Prayer)
August (Adult Faith Formation)
July (Safe, Healthy Learning Environments)
June (News from General Synod 32)
May (Refresh, Renew, and Rejuvenate)
March (Equipping Parents & Families)
February (Resources for Spring and Summer Programs)
January (Supplemental Resources for Lent and Easter)

October (Caring Conversations about Tragic Events)
August (Wider Faith Community)
July (Post Confirmation)
May (Alternative Approaches to Faith Formation)
March (Social Media)
February (Intergenerational Faith Formation)
January (Vacation Bible School)

November (Mission and Service)
October (Stewardship)
August (Church Membership)
July (Children's Message)
June (Faith Formation for those with Special Needs)
May (NEAUCE Highlights)
April (Sacraments)
March (Curricula)
January (Lent, Easter)

December (Celebrating Christmas and Advent at Home)
November (Thanksgiving filled with an Attitude of Gratitude)
August (The Gift of Administration)
June/July (Caring Conversations on Race and Violence)
May (Faith Based Response to Bullying)
February (Digitally Enabled Faith Formation)
January (Christian Practices)

November (Attitude of Gratitude)
October (Difficult Topics, Caring Conversations)
August (Volunteers)
July (Young Adults)
June (NEAUCE Event Review)
May (2005-2015, Then and Now)
April (Service and Faith Formation)
March (Faith at Home)
February (Prayer)
January (Transfiguration)

December (Resource, Events Update)
November (Advent, Christmas)
October (Stewardship)
September (Youth Group)
August (Back to School, Safety First)
July (NEAUCE Highlights - 3)
June (NEAUCE Highlights - 2)
May (NEAUCE Highlights - 1)
April (Spring,Summer Plans)
March (Infant & Toddler)
February (Current Perspectives on Faith Formation)
January (The Bible)

December (Resources for the Small Church)
November (Preparing for the Holidays)
October (Interfaith Resources)
August (Intergenerational)
July (Digital Ministry Resources)
June (Embracing Technology)
May (NEAUCE Lessons Learned)
April (Adult)
March (Youth)
February (Lent, Faith Formation in Action)
January (Retreat Planning, MLK Jr. Resources)

December (Resource Sharing)
November (Celebrating the Christian New Year)
October (Best Practices)
September (Fall Celebrations)
August (Fall Planning)
July (Relax and Renew)
June (A Time of Transformation)