Conference Communications

Communications from Conference Minister, Rev. Gordon M. Rankin

March 10, 2021: Current New Hampshire Conference Covid-19 Recommendations

January 28, 2021: Covid Update

December 15, 2020: Updated Covid-19 Recommendations

November 15, 2020: Covid Update

October 2020: Covid Update

August 1, 2020: Covid-19 Update

June 15, 2020: Updated Things To Be Considered in Discerning When and How to Resume In-Person Worship

June 9, 2020: Updated Covid-19 Recommendations

June 2, 2020: Safer Isn't Safe (a reaction to Governor Sununu's Recommendation for Places of Worship)

May 26, 2020: Not Yet…And I Don’t Know When (Personal reflection)

May 22, 2020: President Donald Trump labeled churches and other houses of worship as “essential” and called on governors nationwide to let them reopen this weekend even though some areas remain under coronavirus lockdown.
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May 12, 2020:Decision Making Amid Covid-19 (A personal reflection)

May 4, 2020: Covid-19 May Update, Horton Center Summer 2020 Update, and related documents (NH Governor's Stay at Home 2.0 Universal Guidelines)

April 28, 2020:
Things To Be Considered in Discerning When and How to Resume In-Person Worship

March 31, 2020: Covid-19 April Update

March 16, 2020: Covid-19 Update and Pastoral Note

March 12, 2020: Covid-19 and Conference Activities