Environmental Justice

Environmental Justice Mission Group
New Hampshire Conference, United Church of Christ

Members are Rev. Roger Burkhart, Eric Chamberlain, Rev. Robert Grabill, Sue Moore, Rev. Dr. Robert Shore-Goss, and Robin Walkup, Chair.

Mission Statement

“The Earth is the Lord’s and all that it is in it”. The UCC has proclaimed three Great Loves as our mission: Love of Neighbor, Love of Children and Love of Creation. We, the Environmental Justice Mission Group of the New Hampshire Conference UCC, commit to acting on our Love of Creation through Earth care, education, advocacy and activism to implement the biblical principals of taking only what we need, healing the harm we do to the Earth, and keeping the Earth in repair for the future.

New England Environmental Justice Youth Summit Postponed

Due to the Covid-19 virus the Environmental Justice Mission Group is postponing the New England Environmental Justice Youth Summit that was to be held on March 21,2020 at the South Congregational Church in Concord. The proposed new date is Saturday, November 21, 2020. We regret any inconvenience this may cause. Please contact Ann Desrochers (adesrochers@nhcucc.org) if you would like a refund  of your registration.

Look for Registration to re-open in the fall.


And God saw everything that had been made, and behold, it was very good. --Genesis 1:31a

What brings joy to your heart, peace to your spirit, a smile to your face? For many of us the unfolding of the seasons, the rising and setting of the sun, the intricacy and beauty of nature is a central aspect of our lives, what it means to be human, the place where our spirits are most fed. What would you be willing to do for the planet you love, for the beauty of the Earth, for the Creator who called it good?

Believing deeply that all creation is formed by a loving God, and that we are called to be wise and compassionate stewards of this good Earth, the Environmental Justice Mission Group of the NH Conference UCC is committed to joining in this holy work. Scripture reveals a God who comes to us in many ways, making a lasting covenant through nature and cross, rainbow and empty tomb. The God of scripture and human experience, revealed in the magnificent and the miniscule, vast cosmos and tender crocus, in a newborn child, the wisdom of age, is also the One who calls us to participate in loving, healing and restoring all creation.

Responding to that call, the Environmental Justice Mission Group seeks to engage others in deeper appreciation for the beauty, wonder and awe toward the natural world and to take up the call to care for the integrity of creation. We invite others to work with us to translate the love we feel for creation into tangible acts of celebration, education, preservation and restoration on behalf of Earth. This work takes the form of:

  • Educational events and programs, Conference-wide or in local churches
  • Trainings in energy efficiency and the greening of congregations
  • Celebrations and worship opportunities to enjoy nature
  • Increasing collaboration with other denominations
  • Resources connecting Earth care and personal faith
  • Support for policies and practices that promote sustainability

The Mission Group is welcoming of others who care about God's creation and whose faith leads them to act with compassion, creativity and courage to fulfill our calling as stewards and caretakers.

For further information about the Environmental Justice Mission Group, its work, resources or events, please contact Chair, Robin Walkup, or watch the NH Conference website for updates to our weekly e-newsletter, The Weekly News

Meeting Schedule

There will be no July 2020 meeting. Enjoy your summer!

New Hampshire UCC Conference Center
140 Sheep Davis Road
Pembroke, NH 03275

Remote access is possible through Zoom Meeting.

Climate Change Resources for NH 

Climate Nexus – climate impacts in NH, and how to communicate about climate change



University of NH (UNH) has very active climate and sustainability programs.  One link that leads to research reports and other information: https://sustainableunh.unh.edu/climate-solutions-new-england

NH Climate and Energy Profile, Georgetown Climate Center


NH Climate Action Plan, 2009  and other NH Dept. of Envtl. Services climate programs



 Antioch University in Keene – climate search on their web site


Recommended Reading / Resources 

  • An Introduction to the Kairos Moment
  • This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein
  • Merchants of Doubt by Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway
  • Field Notes from a Catastrophe by Elizabeth Kolbert
  • Blessed are the Consumers: Climate Change and Restraint by Sallie McFague
  • Climate Church, Climate World: How People of Faith Must Work for Change by Jim Antal
  • Drawdown, the Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming edited by Paul Hawken
  • Earth Honoring Faith by Larry Rasmussen
  • Eco-faith, Creating and Sustaining Green Congregations by Charlene Hosenfeld
  • Ecology at the Heart of Faith: The Change of Heart that Leads to a New Way of Living on Earth by Denis Edwards
  • Eco-Spirit: Religions and Philosophies for the Earth by Laurel Kearns and Catherine Keller
  • God is Green: An Eco-Spirituality of Incarnate Compassion by Robert Shore-Goss
  • Original Instructions, Indigenous Teachings for a Sustainable Future edited by Melissa K. Nelson
  • Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth, The Golden Sufi by Joanna Macy, Thich Nhat Hanh and Wendell Berry 
  • The Encyclical Letter Laudato Si' On Care for Our Common Home by Pope Francis
  • The Lost Gospel of Earth by Tom Hayden
  • The New Cosmic Story by John Haught
  • Ishmael by Daniel Quinn
  • Cathedral on Fire by Brooks Berndt

Current News/Events

The May U.N. Sustainability Goal is Reduced Inequalities.

The U.N. has acknowledged that world-wide many of the developing nations and island states have made progress in reducing poverty. Exporting sustainable products from these areas with incentives for other countries to import them, like eliminating tariffs, has been successful. However, economic growth alone is not sufficient to eliminate poverty, as we have seen in our own country. Sustainable development of social and environmental programs plays an important role in the overall quality of life, too. In the U.S., we need to recognize and eliminate the policies that allow for environmental racism and social injustice that contribute to poverty. We need to take time to look at the bills our state legislature is working on that may contribute to inequalities among various segments of our population and speak out against them. This is also true on a national level. The huge gap between the wealthiest citizens and the poorest needs to be reduced, because everyone is worthy of a good life.

May 20, 2020: Answering the Call: Environmental Justice Is Health Justice

EnvJusticeWebinarStatistics and studies have demonstrated the link between COVID-19 death rates and environmental injustice. This webinar addresses this link from three perspectives: scientific research, front line experience and government response, The webinar features: Senator Cory Booker, Francesca Dominici, and the Rev. Lionel Murphy.

Resources related to this webinar

May 2020: A Conversation with Bill McKibben


The Earth Is the Lord's: A Webinar with Rev. Dr. Benjamin Chavis, Jr.

TheEarthistheLordsThe Rev. Dr. Benjamin Chavis, Jr. was a central leader in the launch of the environmental justice movement in the 1980s and 90s. He coined the phrase "environmental racism" and played instrumental roles in the Warren County civil disobedience campaign, the landmark Toxic Wastes and Race report and the First National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit.

In this special address marking the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Chavis will focus on the role of faith communities in resisting those powers that would seek to rule and desecrate what is not theirs. Click on the image to watch this webinar.

March 2020 - Success at Town Meetings for Carbon Cash-Back!

This month 24 New Hampshire towns passed a resolution to support carbon pricing (carbon cash-back) legislation while 10 towns failed to pass it, some by just a few votes. A message supporting carbon pricing will now be sent to our state legislators, Governor Sununu, congressional delegation, and President Trump from those 24 towns. The Carbon Cash-Back Coalition reports that ten more towns have yet to vote on it and people are working on presenting it to city councils as well.  Read more >>

Trees: Threats and Possibilities: A Webinar from the Pollinator

Trees_Pollinator_WebinarIn preparation for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the UCC has partnered with Interfaith Power and Light, the Arbor Day Foundation, and Global Ministries to launch the Three Great Loves Tree Planting Campaign. For information about how trees draw down carbon dioxide and the threats they face, please click on the image to enjoy this Webinar. 



The Youth Climate Movement: A Webinar with Jamie Margolin


Click on the image to watch a rebroadcast of the Creation Justice Webinar with Jamie Margolin, Youth Activist with the Climate Movement.



Bill McKibben congratulates the UCC on adopting a witness resolution to support the Green New Deal. We are the first Christian denomination to do so.

Check out his Facebook post at:

United Church of Christ Webinar: Panel on Food Justice

View at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCsRj9d1E8U&feature=youtu.be   


Environmental Resolutions at the 2019 Synod

Webinar discussion of all the climate related resolutions being brought forth at General Synod 32, June 21 - June 25, 2019.

View at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCpP4X3oLMA&feature=youtu.be  


Standing Rock and the Long Tradition of Indigenous Resistance.

StandingRock_WebinarWebinar featuring Nick Estes on Standing Rock and the Long Tradition of Indigenous Resistance.

View at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmSIeMOcsow&feature=youtu.be


EnergyMatters E14 - Eco-Spirituality

EnergyMatters_WebinarIn an interview with Mary Ewewll, Cheshire TV, the Rev. Dr. Robert Shore-Goss discusses Eco-spirituality and the need for Green Teams in Churches.

View the complete segment on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/-rHWevN7wIY

Webinar on Climate Change

PeopleFaith_ClimateWatch a Replay of the People of Faith as Climate Messengers webinar by Dr. Katherine Hayhoe of the University of Texas, sponsored by the UCC Environmental Justice Council. Dr. Hayhoe is an evangelical Christian and environmental scientist.




  • A Green New Deal Resolution to be Proposed at the 2019 UCC General Synod.
    Click here to read the proposed resolution from the UCC to advocate for the Green New Deal legislation being worked on in Congress.
  • The Federated Church of Marlborough Celebrates New Solar Installation
    On April 14, 2019 the Federated Church of Marlborough held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate its newly installed 70 panel solar array, which will provide all the church's electrical power needs. The installation was done by Revision Energy with no up-front costs.
  • New Hampshire Youth Taking on Climate Change Creatively (April 17, 2018)

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