Professional Development Resource Mission Group

NH School of Ministry becomes Professional Development Resource Mission Group

The New Hampshire School of Ministry has changed it’s name and it’s mission! We are now the Professional Development Resource Mission Group (PDRMG). Our focus is to provide continuing education and boundary awareness opportunities for authorized ministers and lay people. In addition, the PDRMG offers to be a resource to committees on ministry in their work with members in discernment pursuing an alternative track to authorized ministry.

New York School of Ministry

The New York School of Ministry offers a variety of webconferenced courses, where participants interact with their instructors in real time and are in conversation with peers “face to face” from their home computers. No traveling required.  Learn more at:

Courses from Pathways, Progressive Online Theological Education

PATHWAYS Theological Education is a member of the United Church of Christ’s Regional Theological Education Consortium, and offers an opportunity to explore progressive Christian theology and to meet the requirements of multiple paths for preparation for authorized ministry in the United Church of Christ.

Course offerings for the spring/summer of 2019 include:

  • Spiritual Care of Self and Others
    (May 1-Jun 11)

  • New Testament Hermeneutics
    (May 1 - June 11)

  • UCC History & Polity
    (May 1 - July 23)

  • The Opioid Crisis - A Christian Perspective
    (May 8 - June 4)

For more information go to:

Other Continuing Education Possibilities

Please click here to find out about other continuing education events, workshops, and courses.