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A Special Offering of the NHCUCC:
May 15, 2016

These biannual free-will offerings benefit the United Campus Ministry programs of UNH and Plymouth State University. Campus ministry provides our college students with safe spaces to grow in their faith and build community. We encourage your congregation to give generously on May 15th so we may continue to nurture thoughtfully spiritual young people who are committed to social justice, community service and living their faith.

For more information on the offering and how to participate, please read this letter: NH Campus Ministry Letter to Pastors.

To promote and publicize the offering, please include this insert in your bulletin on May 15th and the Sundays leading up to it: NH Campus Ministry Bulletin Insert.

If you need any help formatting the insert for use in your bulletin, don't hesitate to contact Amy Robison, Board Member at Plymouth.


We appreciate all the ways the New Hampshire Conference of the United Church of Christ and its member congregations support the important work we do. We also value your input. If you have any ideas for programming, outreach or discussion, please contact one of us:

Rev. Larry Brickner-Wood, Chaplain & Executive Director at UNH.
Amy Robison, Board Member at Plymouth.