Christian Education and Formation

The Christian Education & Formation ministry in the New Hampshire Conference recognizes Christian Formation as a lifelong process of growing in relationship with God, self and others. We seek to serve people of all ages, wherever they are on this journey, by offering resources and on-going opportunities that support developing a deeper understanding of the Bible, applying faith to everyday life, and growing in relationship.

Online Resource Center:

At this time we offer an Online Resource Center to share materials that have been developed and endorsed by the United Church of Christ as well as resources that have been recommended by or successfully utilized in the New Hampshire Conference local churches.

Education & Faith Formation Resources (by topic): 

Christmas (and Advent)
Curricula & Group Resources
- Adult
- Children
- Intergenerational
- Multi-Age
- Youth
Digitally Enabled Faith Formation

Lent and Easter
Prayer and Devotion
Spiritual Gifts
Students with Special Needs

Meetings, Workshops, Conferences & Trips:


New England Association of United Church Educators (NEAUCE) Annual Conference. High quality keynote speakers, worship leaders and workshops are offered during this three-day event which includes time for networking, renewal, and expanding one's horizons in Christian Education and Faith Formation. Learn more in these event brochures:

NEAUCE 2018 - Be Who God Meant You to Be
NEAUCE 2017 - Living Faithfully in a Diverse World Community
NEAUCE 2016 - Formed to Tend and Care
NEAUCE 2015 - From Broken Hearts to Burning Hearts
NEAUCE 2014 - Rooted in Faith
NEAUCE 2013 - Vibrant Colors of Faith
NEAUCE 2012 - Welcome to the Living Stone, the Source of Life

Mission and Service

Planning, Policies, & Administration Resources:

Called to Educational and Formational Ministries: A Guide for Local Churches, Educators, and Youth Workers
Guide on the Use of Copyrighted Materials in your Ministry
Safe Conduct
Tips for Forming a Youth Group

Support & Advocacy Resources:

Association of United Church Educators
UCC Christian Faith Formation and Education Report
(full report, Released September 2012)
Executive Summary of the UCC Christian Faith Formation and Education Report

Newsletter Archive (note: all recent Newsletters are in PDF format with embedded links)

January (Vacation Bible School)

November (Mission and Service)
October (Stewardship)
August (Church Membership)
July (Children's Message)
June (Faith Formation for those with Special Needs)
May (NEAUCE Highlights)
April (Sacraments)
March (Curricula)
January (Lent, Easter)

December (Celebrating Christmas and Advent at Home)
November (Thanksgiving filled with an Attitude of Gratitude)
August (The Gift of Administration)
June/July (Caring Conversations on Race and Violence)
May (Faith Based Response to Bullying)
February (Digitally Enabled Faith Formation)
January (Christian Practices)

November (Attitude of Gratitude)
October (Difficult Topics, Caring Conversations)
August (Volunteers)
July (Young Adults)
June (NEAUCE Event Review)
May (2005-2015, Then and Now)
April (Service and Faith Formation)
March (Faith at Home)
February (Prayer)
January (Transfiguration)

December (Resource, Events Update)
November (Advent, Christmas)
October (Stewardship)
September (Youth Group)
August (Back to School, Safety First)
July (NEAUCE Highlights - 3)
June (NEAUCE Highlights - 2)
May (NEAUCE Highlights - 1)
April (Spring,Summer Plans)
March (Infant & Toddler)
February (Current Perspectives on Faith Formation)
January (The Bible)

December (Resources for the Small Church)
November (Preparing for the Holidays)
October (Interfaith Resources)
August (Intergenerational)
July (Digital Ministry Resources)
June (Embracing Technology)
May (NEAUCE Lessons Learned)
April (Adult)
March (Youth)
February (Lent, Faith Formation in Action)
January (Retreat Planning, MLK Jr. Resources)

December (Resource Sharing)
November (Celebrating the Christian New Year)
October (Best Practices)
September (Fall Celebrations)
August (Fall Planning)
July (Relax and Renew)
June (A Time of Transformation)

The Comprehensive List of Resources for Christian Education and Formation

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