Prepared To Serve

Thank You to all who Presented, Exhibited and Attended this wonderful event.


Thank You for Your Generosity

The offering collected at Prepared to Serve 2019 totaled $4,135.  

The offering will go to support the work and ministry of the New Hampshire Conference United Church of Christ. Your gifts help to underwrite events like Prepared to Serve, programs such as the Outdoor Ministry program at Horton Center, and support to the many churches and pastors of the New Hampshire Conference.  
We are grateful for these gifts, gifts that help give life to the branches, the buds, the leaves and the fruit that the church will bear

Highlights from PTS 2018: Worship, Workshops, Exhibits, and Fellowship!


 Worship_MusicSoul Collage WorkshopFirstChurchNConway_PTS2018

 Pilgrim United Church at PTS 2018RJMG