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Prepared To Serve

Prepared To Serve 2017
"I Planted, Others Watered, but God Gives the Growth."

Thank You for Your Participation

It was truly a blessing to spend the day with all who participated in the Prepared to Serve event this year.

With over 500 people present, this was a major event in the life of the New Hampshire Conference, United Church of Christ.

From attendees to workshop leaders, exhibitors, the worship team, volunteers offering assistance each step of the way, the planning committee, conference staff and the school staff at Pembroke Academy; everyone came together to make this a wonderful experience for all involved.

Thank You for Your Generous Support

The offering collected at Prepared to Serve totaled $5,583.

This offering will go to support the life and ministry of the New Hampshire Conference, United Church of Christ. Your gifts help to underwrite events like Prepared to Serve, programs such as the Outdoor Ministry program at Horton Center, and assist in providing support to the many churches and pastors of the New Hampshire Conference through the ministry of the NH Conference Staff.

With grateful hearts, we thank you for your gifts.

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